Conductive Education for Adults

During the class, the Conductor first demonstrates the sequence, which is then followed by the group. The Conductor delivers each task with a rhythmical intention. This rhythmical delivery of verbalizing the task (for example: I lift my right leg up) allows the participant to repeat the intention using mental rehearsal to prepare for active movements. The movement is then carried out during a count of 1-5, which provides the very important external guide optimal for the movement to be successful. This cue is particularly important to those with Parkinson’s, Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis, as it initiates movement as an internal cognitive cue, in and increases tempo, so that the tasks can be successfully applied to daily activities such as:

  • Walking
  • Getting up/Sitting down
  • Speech
  • Driving
  • Improvement in Handwriting

Maria Heine's Program is also designed to improve on the Physical Secondary Symptoms associated with both PD and MS, clients see noticeable improvements in the following areas:

  • Rigidity
  • Posture
  • Generalized Slowness
  • Tremor
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Swallowing Difficulties
  • Control of Facial Expressions
  • Coordination
  • Concentration
  • Pain

Such Neurological Disorders can often make people feel alone and isolated, it can affect mood and emotional states, even causing mild or moderate depressive symptoms. Attending regular CE classes can boost confidence and improve mood & morale. During classes there is also an opportunity to share problems, insight and discuss solutions in a friendly open environment.

CE classes through Second Chance CE also provide Support Group for both Clients as well as Partners and Carers, who are always welcome to attend.

Additional benefits of CE include improvement in:

  • Mood, Anxiety & Depression
  • Confidence
  • Emotional Support for Participant & Partners/Carers
  • Support Group

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