What is Conductive Education?

Conductive Education (CE) was developed in Hungary in the late 1940’s by Professor Andras Peto. The world renowned Peto Institute, named after him is located in Budapest, Hungary and to this day educating students from all over the world in the comprehensive discipline of CE.

Since the 1960’s Conductive Education has gained extensive international interest throughout the West within both Medical and Therapeutic circles.

CE is a sensitively designed teaching methodology practiced in a group setting while the focus remains on individual development and improvement.

Classes consist of movement based tasks in laying, sitting and standing positions, incorporating;

  • gross
  • fine
  • 3-dimensional and spatial skills.

The aim of CE is to teach Participants how to regain control of their movements and to relearn and reproduce everyday tasks.

Partaking consistently in classes and implementing skills learnt during everyday life, clients will find they are able to lead more active and happier lives, with less overall symptoms.

It is important to understand that CE doesn’t offer a cure but instead through an educational approach teaches techniques and strategies to help overcome symptoms and everyday problems caused by the condition.


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