New clients who are interested in CE but have yet to experience the full benefits of a CE class, often ask me if there are any videos online showing a typical PD Group Session. A method so unique and still quite unheard of often leaves people baffled and asking more questions.  CE, can be briefly described as a‘Teaching Method, to retrain the Brain to create a better mind-body connection, helping participants gain better functioning in their daily lives and activities, with less symptoms of PD and more confidence, mobility and well-being’.  I do wish it was as simple as showing a video or giving a description or outline of a typical class; to help convey the benefits of practicing regular CE classes. I also understand and appreciate that the question ‘what exactly is CE’ can be a hard one to fully understand. Hopefully I can shed some light on this.


There is one simple reason for not being able to show OR even describe a typical class.  Each class is made up of individual participants who are all unique in their skill levels, energy levels, requirements and capabilities that particular day. As we all know very well, simple things such as lack of sleep, diet (amount of protein intake), levels of stress and blood pressure, are just a few of the many factors that impact how one with PD feels each particular day. Every day is different, therefore every class will have to be different and unique.

Conductors (who are the teachers who lead the class) do not pre-plan a class. We are trained to be sensitive to and asses every individual participant’s skill level and needs that particular day. The Conductor then uses his or her knowledge of CE to structure and ‘evolve’ the class in the very best way to maximize the benefit for each member, so the best possible results are achieved.  By, using varying Rhythmic Intensions, different forms of exercises and positions, sequences, repetitions and pace can greatly impact the benefit of CE on each individual that particular day.

I cannot stress the importance of using this sensitivity to my client’s individual needs.  This is why a simple video or a class outline cannot alone demonstrate the unique nature of what CE is all about. It really is about trying it out for yourself, seeing how you feel after the class, not just immediately afterwards but to experience the benefits on days following the Class. More energy, mobility, easier and faster completion of daily tasks, are just a few of the benefits my client’s report. It is also important to keep in mind that regular practice and repetition are key factors with CE and the more one practices and attends regular classes, the better and more lasting results.