Why I became a Conductor

I always hoped for a path in life where I would be helping others. As a young student during the first weeks of my training at the Peto Institute, I witnessed a previously wheelchair bound man, stand up all by himself. Quickly, I was eager to learn all that I could about Conductive Education. Today, seeing my Client's confidence grow week by week after attending my regular classes, seeing their trust in their own abilities blossom as they reach goals and solve everyday problems, I know that I picked the right choice.

My Background

1973 -1977. Trained and Graduated at Peto Institute, working with children and adults with different Neurological Disorders as well as Head Injuries.

1977-1990. Independent Consultant for Parkinson’s and Stroke Rehabilitation at various clinics throughout Hungary. Formed first Outreach Branch specializing in Conductive Education for people with Parkinson’s Disease, living outside the city of Budapest, Hungary.

1990. Invited to the United Kingdom, to facilitate in the development of a new Conductive Education Program at Springhill Rehabilitation Center, Buckinghamshire. Here, Maria became the Therapeutic Director of UK Registered Charity ITI-UK, focusing on CE for Adults with Neurological Disorders and Head Injuries. Through ITI-UK:

  • Maria taught weekly CE Classes throughout South East and West UK
  • Regularly hosted short In-Patient International Courses, Intensive Sessions and Introductory Courses throughout Europe, UK and the United States
  • Specialized One-On-One Sessions with Adults and Children in both the UK and United States

2013. Second Chance CE was formed, in order to make CE available in the United States for Adults living with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and various Neurological Disorders and Head Injuries. 


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