4-Day Intensive Group Sessions

Date: FEBRUARY 2017
Locations: Newburyport, MA & Boston, MA
A structured 4-Day Intensive Group Session for Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and Brain Injuries. Taught by Maria Heine, this in-depth CE Program will be offered at regular intervals of every 8-weeks, starting February 2017. 
Sessions will be held throughout the New England and Boston area.
  • Structured class applying all principles of CE to help each individual participant
  • Tools and techniques will be learned that can be taken home and used to improve all aspects of daily life
  • Client’s will learn to  control physical symptoms and help perform daily tasks more easily and efficiently
  • Increase in confidence and overall energy levels
  • Individualized support for each individual as well as Carer
  • Open for Carers and Partners to attend
  • Q&A Section at end of each class

PLEASE NOTE: Spaces for each class are limited and offered at a first come first serve basis. Please contact Zita for further information, Tel: 310.597.9632

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