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‘CE has made me feel much stronger. It changed my lifestyle and my quality of life is good again.’
B.G. (Welwyn Garden City)

‘I have been living with PD for 20 years. I attend CE classes twice a week. Without this complex Program, I wouldn’t be able to walk, drive or travel at all! I know people who were diagnosed around the same time I was and who haven’t had CE classes, they are in a very bad shape.’
P.C. (London)

‘Loosening of tense shoulder muscles, improvement in wrist flexibility and confidence to try harder.’
L.W. (Amersham)

‘My posture, breathing and speech have improved noticeably.’
J.B. (Marlow)

‘I started CE 6 months ago, the results are remarkable. CE’s complex rehabilitation gave me back my self-confidence. I can lead a very happy life again.’
L.A. (Amersham)

‘I can control my tremor and shaking and have better balance than before.’
P.C. (London)

'Before starting CE, I felt really weak and depressed. I fell over frequently and I hardly went out. At the beginning I didn’t have any miracles, but gradually my condition improved. My balance became much better and I simply felt great. I can drive again and walk safely.’
S.W. (North London)

‘Parkinson’s has no cure, it’s a progressive disease but CE classes slow down the progression by keeping us mobile.’
R.G. (London)


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